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Bordertown is the gateway to South Australia and the Limestone Coast in the South East. Situated on the Dukes Highway, Bordertown is 280km from Adelaide and 450km from Melbourne.

Bordertown is part of the Tatiara District of South Australia. Tatiara is an aboriginal word meaning "the good country".

The town was established in 1852 and was the site of a base camp created by Police Inspector Alexander Tolmer.

Bordertown is famous for the white kangaroos found in the Wildlife Park, Historic Clayton Farm, the birthplace of Bob Hawke and Tolmer Park, once the site of the police camp where officers on the Gold Escort Route would change their horses.

There is much to see and do in Bordertown! When in town be sure to visit the Bordertown Visitor Information Centre where you can pick up more information about the surrounding areas and also start the "Bordertown Walking Tour" from there.





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